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Looking to get ahead of the crowd?

Blue-membership-PiPSYou may just be starting to think about ‘what next’ perhaps you have a year or two to go before you leave.  Or is leaving the police imminent?

It is never too early to start considering your options; and there are many options once you know where to look.

Perhaps you are clear on where you want to get to but  you have not formed a plan on how it will happen.

Currently blue membership of PiPS is free to join; so sign up now and receive  a FREE ebook  – 7 ‘wonders as you leave policing – and our newsletter with hints and support as you consider your move into the private sector.

Blue membership is a great way to start to gain clarity on what you want to spend the rest of your working life doing; and since we are all predicted much longer lives now there is a long way to go.  Your name and contact e mail address is held with the greatest security and will never be sold on or divulged; our reputation is worth more than money and we value the trust you offer by giving us even the smallest of details.

Your Feedback

Drop us a line and let us know what you would like to see; what you feel would be of most use to you; we are always delighted to hear from you.

Your Feedback