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CV Services

Writing a CV can be an absolute nightmare for most people – we are here to lift that pressure from you.            

Talking about yourself in glowing but realistic terms can prove a challenge. Particularly if you have spent decades as a former police officer where a compelling and engaging CV was not a usual requirement – and a CV is very different from any policing application you may have written.

There are many CV writing services out there and many of them are great. They can offer a great service for someone looking to move on and up in their chosen career, an accountant looking to continue in accountancy for example. Moving from policing into the private sector requires a knowledgeable approach to translating policing skills into a language that will be understood and appreciated by potential employers.

We provide a service specifically for police officers as they change career and need to frame policing experience into skills that will be attractive to the private sector.

We create a whole package that will take you to a great start line, with a compelling CV, a great online profile and importantly real understanding of how to use LinkedIn and what you need to do next.

We charge £375 for a bespoke CV, a review and overhaul of your LinkedIn profile and a one to one Skype session on how to use LinkedIn effectively.

We include LinkedIn as we know it is essential in making and developing contacts and is the first check that many companies make when they consider your application. You really need to grab every advantage you can.

You can give us a call on +44(0) 1737 831700  or email us and speak to us – we know you may have questions not answered here and are always happy to talk things through. And just in case it is helpful here is a link to some of the companies our clients have moved on to – click through here.

If you are keen to get on with things you can click through below and we will respond quickly to get things rolling

Bespoke CV  –  LinkedIn profile update –  skype session to ensure you get the very best from LinkedIn


 call 01737 831700  or email by clicking here

In particular, the feedback from the recruitment team commented on my well presented CV, so a big thank you!

Feedback I’ve had from the Head of Security through friends is that having read my CV it was described as a ‘no brainer’ to give me an interview.  Thank you so much for your help with my CV and I will of course let you know how the interview goes.

Yes, he got the job – and it was an amazing one!

“Before you venture anywhere else for a CV I would recommend that you speak with Angela, I am sure you will not be disappointed””I would add that Angela and myself worked on my own CV recently and the final version is excellent albeit I am still waiting for that fantastic job offer!

Martin P

I need to clarify things here as well in that when I say we both worked on it, that is a euphuism for me providing Angela with a great deal of information and with her doing all the work! I will be quite honest in that my previous CVs contained too much information and whilst I was never really happy with my own work, it is only when you use a service such as offered by Angela and PiPS that you are able to see the ‘wheat from the chaff’.

I am sure many of us get emails offering CV writing services, at varying costs, but PiPS is able to recognise those skills, that we all acquired over many years and translate them into what employers are wanting (hopefully!). Added to this, the cost is about half of what many companies are asking.

The important aspect and thrust of the group, is Police into Private Sector and therefore specific skills and knowledge are required and need to be reflected in your CV. What I would finally say is, if you have doubts about your own version or need help, go to Angela and I know she can help and at a very reasonable cost. Good luck! ”

Jeremy W

“I would add that having Angela review and update my CV has been tremendous – always good to have a fresh pair of eyes going over the material that you collate over the years and I’m really pleased with the results. I was also reminded of so many things I had missed out – much more marketable now! Paul is absolutely right on the need to re-draft for each application, it becomes a live document…. Very professional, thanks PiPs!”

Sarah H