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Interview Skills

Brilliant work – you have got through the tedious paper sift with your fabulous CV and perhaps your alluring Stand out in interviewspersonality.

Now you have been called for interview!

Since most of us do not have to be interviewed regularly we can all feel a little anxious at this point – and no, you are not just supposed to ‘know’ how to do all this it is right and normal to feel a little out of your depth.

Added to this is is true to say that an interview in the private sector will be very different to those you attended in your policing career.

Now you have the chance to present your best self, and with the competition being so fierce for most jobs this is no time to take a chance.You need to make sure you are in the best position to stand out against the competition

  • You know you will be an ideal fit for the post
  • You have the right qualifications
  • You like the sound of the company
  • You are ready to take on a new challenge

And yet, when you walk into that interview you

  • Feel like you are walking in as someone even you don’t recognise
  • Anxiety stops you from giving a good account of yourself
  • Fear you are sending the wrong message to the interviewer and are confused how to get the right message across

We work with you to present a convincing case to any panel so that you have the best chance to capture the position you are qualified for.  With many years of coaching people to successful outcomes, we will show you how to enhance what is working for you and coach you to address what is not working to your advantage.

“I went from failure to 1st out of 60 applicants – fantastic”

Charles G

Our dynamic approach offers a highly interactive confidence building chance to secure the critical interview skills to present you at your very best

After you have worked with us will have;

  • You will know how to walk into any room with confidence and engage your interviewer
  • Understand the best preparation skills to perform with style
  • Get any nervous energy working for you rather than against you
  • Understand how your body language plays an essential part in success
  • Know how to answer any question

Please call give the office a call on  01737 831700 or drop us an email by clicking here

In comparison with others attending, I felt I was rubbish – by the end of the day I was great – and getting the contract was the cream on the cake”

Susan R

“I wasted so many opportunities doing it on my own – since working with Angela and Larry I have been promoted twice in three years”

Deborah D