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Success from PiPSPolice into Private Sector is a project created by a group of former police sorts to offer information, gleaned from our direct experience, in the private sector so that you can access a quick, successful move into your new career.

We are committed to making a real difference to your outcome.  So join us here or over on the LinkedIn group of the same name.  Contact us by telephone on 01737 831700 or by email and let us know what you would like to see more of  – we will be delighted to hear from you.

As you become clearer on your direction after the police service you can tap into support as and when you need it.  As our network expands we hope you will join a PiPS Net group to access useful information and support on a regular basis.

You will hit  barriers, nothing worth having comes too easily, and making such a big move from the public sector into the private sector can feel overwhelming.  But now help is at hand!  You have the potential to access core advice and meaningful support.

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Start by signing up to our occasional mail out of information and posts on relevant topics.  why not come and join the LinkedIn group – there are lots of great discussions which will help ease your journey into the world you are joining. This level is free and benefits include articles and opportunities that we know will support your transition from police service to private business and offer food for thought as you take your first steps.



Perhaps you are looking to move from employment within the police service to employment in the private sector.

Unfortunately applying for any position in the private sector is more challenging than it used to be, no matter how good your skills.  And you will need  to adopt a different approach too.  So we have put together a group of skills that you can access as little or as much of as you wish to help you secure that job.

  • Why LinkedIn is an essential tool to master
  • Interview skills for the private sector
  • Writing CV’s that get read
  • Why networking can lead you to your next job

Have a look; you will find it very useful in presenting yourself to a new employer who you will be excited to work with.

Private Sector New Job

Self Employed

Join the Business group and build the foundations for a long term successful transition into the business world.  We offer you access to get started in the business world, build and then grow your successful and strong business.  With access to our knowledgeable team you will have  a huge range of learning to hone your skills and support to put yourself in the best possible position to take advantage of business opportunities.

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