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Keen to step out on your own?

stick_figure_superhero_400_wht-225x300-e1299523099373-125x150Perhaps you have had enough of answering to someone else and would like to set your own path.  You might have noted that it is usually the people that work for themselves on their own business that really become financially secure and comfortable?

Whatever your reasoning,  we like your style, Police into Private Sector offers you the opportunity of missing more than a few of the usual mistakes made and gain support you on your journey into the exciting and rewarding world of business.

  • It may be that you are thinking you would just like to work a few days a week on a low key business idea using the skills you already have. Plumbing, decorating or gardening skills and the like often come into great use if you are thinking in terms of just supplementing  your pension.
  • You want to set up your own business but are happy if it stays small
  • You want to set up a business and are happy if it turns out to be the greatest success of your life.
  • You are keen to get a grip on the world of Business and make a real difference to your style of living.

Whatever you have in mind (and of course we can help you to work out what your great idea might be) get in touch and work with us to make your thoughts and dreams into reality that you can grow and develop as your choose

Drop us a note and let’s start a conversation or pick up the telephone and talk to one of the team on 01737 831700

“Larry, thanks for the phone conversation. Really interesting food for thought. Good advice to think in a different direction..”

Andrew W