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Police into Private Sector – PiPS

We started this project in the spring of 2011, and so are able to bring you the very best working knowledge, honed and developed over all those years, to give you what is needed to get noticed, and indeed employed, in the private sector.

We are a team of former police officers and staff with huge experience of both the Police Service and the private sector. We created the project to support the transition of officers and staff; whether seeking re-employment or setting up their own businesses.

We know you may not just want to take our word for it so why not get over to the LinkedIn group and read the reviews and comments on how we help and deliver information and advice that actually works – http://bit.ly/PoliceintoPrivateSector

How we help

  • A CV that translates policing skills in a way employers will understand and value
  • Understanding the huge benefits of using LinkedIn properly and safely – we don’t just get you on LinkedIn – we show you how to maximise it and make it work for you
  • Career and professional development coaching and advice
  • Interview skills and techniques for environments outside of your policing experience

Get over to www.PoliceintoPrivateSector.co.uk and take a look around

Get in touch and find out how we might be just the answer you need to support you on the successful path to your next exciting and engaging career, we know the talents that you have just need the right presentation to make them exceptionally valuable in the private sector.

You can find us at;

www.PoliceintoPrivateSector.co.uk or email us at PiPS@PoliceintoPrivateSector.co.uk

Call the office on 01737 831700 and follow us on Twitter @ PiPSUK

  • Here is just a tiny bit of positive feedback received – happily the list is very long

  • In particular, the feedback from the recruitment team commented on my well presented CV, so a big thank you!

    Feedback I’ve had from the Head of Security through friends is that having read my CV it was described as a ‘no brainier‘ to give me an interview. Thank you so much for your help with my CV and I will, of course, let you know how the interview goes.

    Yes, he got the job – and it was an amazing one!