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Perhaps seeking to employ a former police officer does not seem like an obvious choice – however look a little closer at our members and you will find a diverse, highly skilled, energetic and accomplished group.

We understand that generalist recruitment can prove to be a minefield of difficulty and cost.  We can take that pain away from you and offer you a unique and engaging alternative.

We are pleased to work with our contacts in the business world to connect them with a unique and accomplished network of talented former police officers.  We ensure that our clients get to see the very best candidates available through the easiest route.

  • We ensure that candidates match your brief with regard to skills, qualifications experience and personal fit.  You will not receive information on patently unsuitable candidates.
  • We place creative, diverse and balanced short lists of candidates who are well equipped to provide exceptional expertise; delivering outstanding results with a rare commitment and energy
  • We offer outstanding individuals uniquely equipped to meet the demands of tight deadlines in high pressure environments. With a global reach we consistently deliver inclusive and innovative results.
  • Candidates present a compelling and concise CV for you to consider.  We present individuals we feel have something exceptional to offer so you know that even interview time will be well spent
  • We take time to discover what our clients are looking for and so we always offer the best possible fit for them; saving them time and expense.

  Looking for the right individual to fill a contract or permanent placement?  Or perhaps just the right person for a unique project – we make it easy for you


Talent - police into private sector

Our candidates are drawn from our exclusive group, a mix of those with particular seniority and expertise and also from a larger pool of individuals with diverse talents

Executive Group Search – Former high ranking officers with diverse talents in managing challenging environments.  Our members offer extensive expertise which include top level delivery of risk assessment and management; global security advice; sensitive enquiries; event management; diplomatic expertise.

PiPS Group Search – Highly experienced ‘feet on the street’ former detectives and uniform officers able to provide highly professional investigation and expertise.

All candidates reach our ‘PiPS’ standard requirement of presentation;

A concise and effective CV
Personable and well presented
Exceptionally knowledgeable in their field of expertise
Energetic and committed to delivering excellence

 Contact us to access a unique and talented pool of exceptional individuals

Telephone:  01737 831700

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