One of the great bonuses of joining PiPS is that we provide an opportunity for you to stay connected to other like minded individuals who share your point of view.  PiPS is about a shared experience and similar approach, a chance to share issues and concerns, consider obstacles and ways of problem solving is always welcome and when combined with a learning experience it makes good value sense.

You can join in the regular discussions in the LinkedIn group    In the longer term we may support a discussion forum on this site but at present our most popular way to connect is through LinkedIn to keep up with current services and events.

Here is a sample of some of the training subjects we offer, once you are part of the membership you will be included in notifications on upcoming events.

Team building and development

Your team will be selected from your trusted network and their networks.  Once you have the idea and have created a way forward you will need others to deliver the various parts and manage the development.  You will probably have several projects on the go at any one time so you need to support, encourage and guide, find others who can come on board as the projects develop and have a clear focused outcome to drive towards.  Through our programmes you will expand your thinking,  and gain the tools to manage people and projects to get results.

Personality assessment for career planning and development

You may have already undertaken personality testing to identify your preferred style of activity and be happy working in that style which will enable you to select the people you need around you to do the bits you don’t.  We can show you how to get beyond these limitations, expand your repertoire of skills and enable you to establish yourself comfortably as an entrepreneur taking on ever more demanding and exciting projects, collaborating with others in their projects or acting in an advisory capacity on numerous active developments.


In business you are your own leader, you need clarity around what your core business purpose is and how you want to apply it to those activities you will engage in.  Know yourself, your deepest thoughts, the light and the dark, harness, develop and hone them to become the expert, the one who puts his finger in the dyke and stops the flood while others are milling around in disarray.

Self-manage, particularly your ego otherwise it undermine your progress, rob you of your success if you indulge it.  Know what to do now and next so that your energy and time are maximised, energy can be refuelled time never.  If in this moment you are maximising your activity towards your outcome and enabling others to do the same that is optimisation, you are in the zone, are you that business athlete, super star?

Goal setting and time management

What are your core desires, how and where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years, are you even where you want to be now?  This internal knowledge, this very core of your being is the essence of what drives you and only in knowing it, can you have clarity of purpose and action.

We will take you through exercises to provide this access, establish clarity around your drivers and enable you to be in tune with them, harness them to create your goals and the steps needed to achieve the outcome.

Communications and presentations

You will need to be able to get across to others the concept of the idea you are holding in your head in a language they will understand.  We can fear our ideas being rejected, crushed by those who don’t understand,  this fear can often result in inertia.

We will show you how best to translate your passion for your idea how to enter any room or conversation with confidence and clarity.

We can develop you, your insight and your belief which will give clarity around your idea and enable you to refine, communicate and present it with excellence that will be hard to resist.

Social media

We are in the midst of this revolution of communication expansion which has such huge as yet untapped potential for the human species.  It seems to be a learning curve that continues to get steeper as each day it evolves even further requiring more learning.  In business it is the new market place, shop, manufacturing platform for applications, social interaction and information access.  You have to be there and we will show you how.

Interview excellence

Over many years we have worked with hundreds of people on their interview skills. In this challenging environment this is an area that you cannot afford to ignore. What are your telling an interview panel without even being aware of it? Are you delivering a convincing message to optimise your chances of success? This is appropriate for many purposes, considering re-employment, taking to potential clients, looking for funding.

We will get you interview ready to suit the business world rather than the police world; and as we know that can be a world apart.

Whether you want to make a good impression in a meeting to promote your business,  be convincing to potential investors or improve your chances at succeeding in an interview for a position than our interview workshops will bring you confidence and understanding how best to get your message across.   It is essential to make the right first impression this is not the time to take any chances. Our workshops make sure you are in the best position tostand out against any competition.

We work with you in small groups for maximum effect or an individual basis if you prefer.

You know that you are a good match for this opportunity and yet, when you walk into that interview you feel like you are walking in as someone even you don’t recognise.  Anxiety stops you from giving a good account of yourself and you fear you are sending the wrong message to the interviewer and are confused how to get the right message across

After working with us you will;

  • Know how to walk into any room with confidence and engage your interviewer
  • Understand the best preparation skills to perform with style
  • Get any nervous energy working for you rather than against you
  • Understand how your body language plays an essential part in success
  • Know how best to answer any question

This programme is a welcome personal boost to anyone looking to excel at interview