UBER – Opportunities

Here are some roles we have been asked to present to you by the guys who have successfully made the move from policing over to Uber.

A Security Investigator role –  technical investigations in Amsterdam, which is quite technical and requires programming skills.

A Security Manager role based in London.

If either of these appeal to then please so take every stage of application seriously.  The guys that moved to Uber from 2016 onwards have thrived and enjoy their work, it is competitive but there is every reason to see these as highly possible – and of course, they have had positive results from working with Police into Private Sector so will want to see you do well.

You can speak to Richard Sumnall about either role – Richard’s LinkedIn profile

Or to Ashley Guest about the Security Investigator role –  Ashley’s LinkedIn profile 

And of course, give me a call on 10737 831700 if there are any issues

All best



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