Career Coaching

When you are not sure what jobs after police you want to do, we can help. We work with people to help them onto a right track so they can move forward and move towards a rewarding and satisfying working life.


Career Coaching

Coaching as a one to one development tool, began in the sporting world. Having been shown to make a dynamic impact on outcomes, individuals and organisations increasingly look to coaching to support clarity of purpose and development – so that the good become even better.

Increased self awareness around motives, drivers and desired outcomes help towards the successful achievement of goals, greater career and life satisfaction and enhanced working relationships.  And these are just some of the benefits.

In this context, we focus on career development and satisfaction. When clients are not sure what to do next, or indeed even what they want to do, we help to get back on track – or find the track – so that they can move forward again.

We offer our clients our strong record of success in helping people to enhance their professional development and move to the role that brings them the satisfaction and rewards they seek.

Having secured that role, we continue to help support progress and development. New roles in new environments can feel overwhelming and often a little intimidating regardless of how much success are enjoying.

Using our coaching and experience you will be able to more effectively tap into, and grow,  your skill set and boost performance.

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Specially For You

We do understand that it is often hard to spend money on your own development. However, in real terms this is no more than an investment in your brighter and clear career.

Transparent Pricing

We charge £125 per hour for one to one coaching either in person or over Teams if more convenient to you. In person there is a minimum two hour session time.


What People Are Saying

“Amazing ability to help people see the positive side, to help them see that they have power. Nice balance between professional and friendly. She is modern, but polite. She is a breath of fresh air, I would recommend her in a heartbeat”


“Speaking to Angela Hackett really opened my eyes to the world outside and the opportunities to start a new career rather than just become an institutionalised ex cop looking to go back to his former force rather than having a broader ambition. Angela really impressed on me the wider world out there and the need to be bold and look for careers outside policing albeit using your police skills. Can’t speak highly enough of her insight and advice that stopped me in my tracks and made me think. Angela got me to challenge a bucket load of my old preconceptions and her philosophy on starting a new career should almost be mandatory material on any police pre-retirement course. It’s early days with a CV just prepared by Angela but I actually now feel equipped to enter into the big wide world outside the police service.”


“I just wanted to post to say thank you to Angela Hackett for the amazing support she has given me in moving from the police into the private sector. Like all of you I am sure it was a hard decision but one that I think is definitely the right one. I start in my new role as head of UK security (physical) shortly and wanted to say to everyone that please don’t undersell yourself! There is some amazing jobs out there and amazing people who will help support people looming to change, I had some great help from people who had made the change previously. Yes there will be things I miss from the police and I never hated my job but feel I have found a role which balances my passion for keeping people safe against my home life and career aspirations. If I could give one piece of advice, please don’t think you are not good enough, we have so many transferable skills and Angela will help you realise what they are.”


“Angela tells it as it is when advising – just the sort of help one needs.”



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