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Career Coaching

When you are not sure what to do next we can help.Success with Police into Private Sector

We work with people to help them onto a right track so they can move forward and move towards a rewarding and satisfying working life.

We offer our clients a strong track record of success in helping people to enhance their professional development, whether looking to move into new employment,  guidance on starting a business or understanding how to develop your existing business we are the people to work with.

New employment

This can feel overwhelming and often a little intimidating – regardless of how much success you enjoyed in policing.

How do you work out where you skills lie?   And when you know that how do you start to understand whether there is a demand for your skills in the job market?

Should you follow the crowd or set out in a new and less known market?

And once you have secured an interview what can you expect?  Will it be very different to police based interviews?

A session with us will get you on track – ready to embrace an exciting new future.

A new Business?

Unlock the potentialDo you have a great business idea?  Come and try it out in full confidentiality and we will pose some of the difficult questions that need to be embraced before you commit your time and money to a new venture.

With our decades in the world of business we will brainstorm with you so that you can walk away with some great ideas to move things forward, some serious ideas to consider and the understanding of what you do and do not need to spend your money on saving you from spending money on the things you do not need.

Developing a business?

Perhaps you have made a good start and your business is up and running but not moving a quickly as you might like.  Come and use our coaching and experience to keep on track.  Acting as your critical friend we will offer support and guidance so that you hit all your marks and learn rapidly how to move things forward.

Give the office a call on +44(0) 1737 831700  or email us if you would like to chat things through – you will soon be on the right track.

We do understand that it is often hard to spend money on your own development but in real terms this will save you time and money and you will enjoy the journey with us.  Can you really afford not to?

Professional and Career Development  –   £125 per hour