I thought it might be useful to reflect some key development points for career progression, this year Police into Private Sector is 11 years old, considering those years I would highlight the following points.

  • LinkedIn – since you are reading this on LinkedIn I shall presume you have a suspicion of its value but are perhaps not using it to full advantage. Love it or hate it – it is now an essential tool that you must master and utilise. It is now the best way forward to gather information, connect (and reconnect) with people and discover your most suitable next role. Remember so many roles are never advertised so your efforts here are potentially invaluable.
  • Reach out and speak. I am often asked broad open questions (that’s policing for you – but I am not a suspect or witness 😳) which are impossible to answer in a succinct and timely manner. When I say “can you narrow that down” or more likely “ring me and talk it through” they rarely do. Leaving one reflecting that help was at hand but as it required some commitment from the enquirer it was not followed up? Or was it because they were unsure and not used to reaching out for help?  Either way, if help is offered by an experienced person, jump at the chance. We do not offer it lightly and our time is valuable.
  • As you consider either the end of your thirty years in policing or your earlier departure – please put yourself to the top of the ‘to do’ list. You can and should secure a great new role but you are unlikely to have it just fall into your lap. There is work to be done – this project needs to be managed. Perhaps reflect on that airline advice – put on your own oxygen mask before you try to help anyone else.
  • And lastly. More than anything know that you are not just supposed to know what to do next. Policing has expected too much perhaps and you are under the impression that you should just know your next best move. You are not – we all need support and help to get on the right track from time to time. This is that time.

Pick up the phone and talk things through, we have experience and expertise we are keen to share with you.