An overview of some the services from PiPS.

First and foremost– it is probably a good idea to sign up to PiPS if you have not done so already. You will get a free ebook – 7 ‘wonders’ as you leaving policing. The theme of this short book is just as it says on the label.  It will get you thinking about you next move and perhaps highlight some issues that you may not have considered.  We will stay in touch with you now and  again – no we will not inundate you with emails – just useful bits and pieces over time.

You can use the form in the side panel on this page »   or  click through here

Need a great CV? Contrary to what some people say not everyone can write a good CV that really translates policing skills into a marketable commodity that appeals beyond policing circles.  A good CV can make all the difference to getting to the interview stage.  At PiPS we recommend that you team it with a good LinkedIn profile as this is where the majority of employers will start their search on you, and please do we aware that many employees will do an online search before asking you in for an interview.

We offer a lower cost service to PiPS members that you can access here – you can choose to talk it through with us or just get things moving immediately once we know what you are looking to achieve and we will do all we can to get you in the best position possible to compete for that position.

If you are thinking of starting a business then to start you can sign up for our free short course that will help you to decide if it is for you and give you your first points on how to get going.  A

gain the panel to the side » is the place to go. Or sign up directly here However if you feel ready to build and develop you business and take it to the next level we can help; we work with businesses to get them growing and developing.  But only some because we know what it takes to run a business – along with a strong idea you will need energy, commitment and courage.  Often we just spend one session working with people to help define their idea and test whether it has potential before you throw too much money at it.

Perhaps you are ready to get going and want to set up a website.  There are lots of offers out there, some say they are free, but as the saying goes if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.  We like WordPress and use it for all our sites.  You can do that all yourself for very little, but it will take time and energy to learn.  We have got together with our trusted partner to offer you a great deal with as much or as little help as you would like –  Take a look

We are working hard to set up business ideas for members, we do some occasional recruitment with our trusted partners knowing that there are lots of recruitment services available who specialise in this service.  Our specialism is in making sure you are ready to present yourself, whether in business or new employment,  in the very best light.

One of our offerings is the growing network providing Utility Warehouse services.  We have done our homework and this is a great choice of earning extra money, at whatever level appeals, and within a supportive group.  Have a look here– we think it is a great option.

These are just some of the services from PiPS – we are creating networking events on an ongoing basis.  And so much more.  Do get in touch either by telephone on 01737 831700 or by email and tell us what you need to make your next career the success it should be.

Favoured partnerships

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Books Here is a selection of some of the books we have found most helpful

Synchronicity by Joseph Jaworski    This book charts the journey from ordinary working life to a complete change of direction
Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy This is not a new book but contains a great deal of good sense
The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris Interesting if you are looking to move away from the ordinary 9-5
Business Stripped Bare by Richard Branson Great inspiration from a foremost thinker in the business world
Man’s search for meaning by Viktor Frankl  Might seem like an odd choice, not nearly as bleak as it may first appear it offers many thoughts on survival but also considers how to keep a hold on what really does matter.