Supporting Your Next Career Move

…is what we do. We started PiPs in 2011 knowing that former police officers and staff had so much to offer the private sector but were not always great at getting that across.

We have a strong reputation of supporting police officers to make the very best moves into new jobs.


Why choose us

We've walked in your shoes

We all have experience in policing. We all served as police officers,  police staff and for some of us still as consultants running development programmes.  And so we understand the culture and language and importantly we have all gone on to become accomplished in our current fields including business and professional development.

We've made the mistakes

Since leaving policing, we have walked the walk. We have made the mistakes, and importantly learnt from them, so now you don’t have to!

Our Commitment to you

Our commitment is to provide meaningful service to our members and we always hold in mind that if we had found a group like this when we set out we would be richer, in all ways, today. That was one of the many reasons we set PiPS up.

We stay up-to-date so you don't have to

We work tirelessly to ensure we deliver current trends and thinking to you. and of course if we do not know the answer immediately, for we are human after all, we find the person that does.

Your fast track to success

We consider ourselves to be your fast track. You could teach yourself many of these skills over time – if you have time to spare and the drive to do it.  Alternatively we can show you what it would take years to notice  – the good from the bad and the ugly. We love to work with people who have the drive and energy to succeed, who wouldn’t? We know they want to achieve that via the quickest route and we want to show them how.

CV and LinkedIn Service

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Talking about yourself in glowing but realistic terms can prove a challenge. Particularly if you have spent decades as a former police officer where a compelling and engaging CV was not a usual requirement – and a CV is very different from any policing application you may have written.

Writing a CV can be an absolute nightmare for most people – we are here to lift that pressure from you.

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Interview Preparation

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Since most of us do not have to be interviewed regularly we can all feel a little anxious at this point – and no, you are not just supposed to ‘know’ how to do all this it is right and normal to feel a little out of your depth.

Added to this is is true to say that an interview in the private sector will be very different to those you attended in your policing career.... Let us put you on track

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When you are not sure what to do next we can help. We work with people to help them onto a right track so they can move forward and move towards a rewarding and satisfying working life.

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Counselling Services

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We understand that policing and often just life can prove to be quite a challenge. As extensively experienced and long qualified counsellors we work with people in a safe, confidential and supportive manner; helping to get people to a balanced and happier place.

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Belong To Our Group

With decades of experience in policing, business and in professional development we created the PiPS project to bring you the very best route to your next career whether in new employment of your own company.

You can  talk to us here or on LinkedIn group – click through to the group and join over 7,000 police officers and police staff members already there, drop us a note,  or pick up the phone  +44 (0) 1737 831700 and speak to us to find out how we can help to turn these challenging times into successful times.


What People Are Saying

“I would add that having Angela review and update my CV has been tremendous – always good to have a fresh pair of eyes going over the material that you collate over the years and I’m really pleased with the results. I was also reminded of so many things I had missed out – much more marketable now! …. Very professional, thanks PiPs!”

Sarah H

“I used Angela for help with my CV and linked in profile. I immediately noticed that I started to receive more responses from job applications, even if they were negative I was getting responses whereas before hand I would hear nothing. Having a well written CV and LinkedIn profile gave my more confidence which shone through in interviews. I have managed to get my latest position due that new found confidence.”

Ian L

“Thank you for all the advice and comments. I did use Angela and I have to say having seen my CV now I would give me a top job !!!!”


“I am proof of Angela’s skills having successfully moved on at a time of my choosing.”


Mark W

Angela is an inspiration. All you have to do is listen and follow her guidance… brilliant! I can highly recommend Angela. She knows her stuff. I’ve never not had at least an interview

Carl M

I need to clarify things here as well in that when I say we both worked on it, that is a euphuism for me providing Angela with a great deal of information and with her doing all the work! I will be quite honest in that my previous CVs contained too much information and whilst I was never really happy with my own work, it is only when you use a service such as offered by Angela and PiPS that you are able to see the ‘wheat from the chaff’.

I am sure many of us get emails offering CV writing services, at varying costs, but PiPS is able to recognise those skills, that we all acquired over many years and translate them into what employers are wanting (hopefully!). Added to this, the cost is about half of what many companies are asking.

The important aspect and thrust of the group, is Police into Private Sector and therefore specific skills and knowledge are required and need to be reflected in your CV. What I would finally say is, if you have doubts about your own version or need help, go to Angela and I know she can help and at a very reasonable cost. Good luck! ”

Jeremy W


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