Job Opportunity – D.J.Fox & Associates

Police Expert Witness – Is this You?

Do you want to work with people in a company that has an outstanding national reputation for balanced and ethical professionalism that will give you an intellectual and professional challenge?

Do you want the flexibility on not just where you work but when you work for the majority of your time, with the potential to earn between £24,000 and £60,000 on a sliding scale from part time to full time work with the possibility to increase that further.

Do you want to work with an organisation that understands the skillset and work ethos that you gained from your career with the police?

Is this what you are looking for?

If you do, and you are a person of integrity who believes that people should be treated fairly, there is a fantastic opportunity to become an associate with a leading expert witness employment company that deals with military, police and civilian personal injury claims. We do not deal with liability or who is ‘to blame’, but contribute to the legal process that ensures that individuals receive just and appropriate compensation for the loss of employment opportunity because of injuries that they have received, in many cases during service.

We are looking for an associate who is a former Police Officer or Member of Police Staff. Only candidates who possess the attributes that we need, and ‘fit’ our ethos, will qualify for potential selection.

We need a thoughtful, intuitive and determined individual to produce employment reports, who can process a lot of diverse information and identify the key facts and evidence. We need someone who does not accept things at face value, but will question, probe and research to produce timely, thorough, balanced, well presented and convincingly argued evidence to assist and enable the legal process to make the right decisions.

The Team

DJ Fox & Associates is an award winning company that has 24 Associates from a mix of military, police and civil service backgrounds supported by 4 full time managerial and administrative staff. We are a network of knowledge and support dedicated to helping each other to produce work of excellence.

All of us are Civil Procedure and Rules (CPR 35) and court room trained and engage in continuous professional development across the employment spectrum.

What do you need?

  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • A sense of fairness and the courage to do what is right.
  • To be prepared to learn.
  • A balanced viewpoint.
  • To be a problem solver who can work alone within a network of other associates but also a team player who can both provide and receive advice and support.
  • Analytical, organisational and written skills.
  • The ability to review information from multiple sources.
  • To be prepared to follow things through and continue to ask ‘so what?’
  • The ability to work under pressure when required and meet the time objectives that are set.
  • The desire to become a professional in a new working environment.
  • Above all, to be coachable without being precious. We all left our rank and egos behind in our previous lives.

What will you get?

  • A thorough, mentor led, training package that will recalibrate your existing writing skills and expand your knowledge to meet the standards and format that we require.
  • A flexible working pattern with the opportunity to expand to what you want as your skills, experience and capacity grow.
  • IT based knowledge and peer support that primarily allows work to be carried out wherever you want.
  • The flexibility to work when you want around a limited number of fixed commitments that you can programme.
  • Competitive rates of pay for a challenging and rewarding intellectual job.

You are likely to have experience of one or more of the following:

  • Experience of staff and career management, including recruitment, retention and progression of police officers.
  • Experience of managing multiple teams of police officers and/or police staff
  • Probably attained the level of Superintendent/Senior Executive Officer or Chief Inspector/Higher Executive Officer.
  • Experience of managing injured or sick personnel.
  • Experience of working at a senior level in a specialist command, such as firearms, public order, detective, or professional standards.

What Next?

If you like what you have read and are interested in applying then we are keen to hear from you. In the first instance send a CV to: by 1st June 2022. We will consider applications before this date and thereafter on a rolling basis to meet the business needs.

Suitable candidates will be interviewed via Zoom prior to undergoing a written suitability assessment. Please note that following a successful assessment there is training period of up to six months when earnings are part time and limited to a lower rate. On successful completion of training, earnings rise to the normal Associate rate and the work can become full time.