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As you look around this website you might be wondering who we are, why should you listen to us or indeed consider trusting us? Please read on…

About Us

Helping Shape Careers Since 2011

This project, set up by long serving police officers and police staff, has now helped hundreds of former police officers and staff to secure new roles beyond policing. Whether they left after thirty years or five years.

Knowing our audience, we have built the project by word of mouth recommendation rather than advertising our services. Happily, after many years of hard work and delivering results – the word of mouth is that we really do know what we are talking about and that we have continually helped clients to secure the results they want.

With decades of experience, in both policing and crucially the private sector, we help to make your transition into the private sector as smooth and successful as possible. We will never break confidentiality, whether that be verbally, in writing or by selling on your details. We honour the confidences shared with us.

CV and LinkedIn Service

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Talking about yourself in glowing but realistic terms can prove a challenge. Particularly if you have spent decades as a former police officer where a compelling and engaging CV was not a usual requirement – and a CV is very different from any policing application you may have written.

Writing a CV can be an absolute nightmare for most people – we are here to lift that pressure from you.

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Interview Preparation

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Since most of us do not have to be interviewed regularly we can all feel a little anxious at this point – and no, you are not just supposed to ‘know’ how to do all this it is right and normal to feel a little out of your depth.

Added to this is is true to say that an interview in the private sector will be very different to those you attended in your policing career.... Let us put you on track

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When you are not sure what to do next we can help. We work with people to help them onto a right track so they can move forward and move towards a rewarding and satisfying working life.

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Counselling Services

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We understand that policing and often just life can prove to be quite a challenge. As extensively experienced and long qualified counsellors we work with people in a safe, confidential and supportive manner; helping to get people to a balanced and happier place.

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Your Experts

Meet The Team

team The team is led by Angela Hackett. Angela brings a variety to skills and experience to the group. Having spent over a decade as a member of police staff she has a strong insight into policing matters.

This was followed by extensive study; qualifying as a Psychodynamic Counsellor with complementary qualifications including Stress Management, Trauma, and Critical Incident Debriefing; completing hundreds of hours of clinical practice.

Angela then spent four years in charity management.

She cofounded The Way Consulting in 2002 a counselling, training and professional development company and cofounded Police into Private Sector in 2011.

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Belong To Our Group

With decades of experience in policing, business and in professional development we created the PiPS project to bring you the very best route to your next career whether in new employment of your own company.

You can  talk to us here or on LinkedIn group – click through to the group and join over 9,000 police officers and police staff members already there, drop us a note,  or pick up the phone  +44 (0) 1737 831700 and speak to us to find out how we can help to turn these challenging times into successful times.


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