Counselling Services

We understand that policing and often just life can prove to be quite a challenge. As extensively experienced and long qualified counsellors we work with people in a safe, confidential and supportive manner; helping to get people to a balanced and happier place.


Counselling Services

counselling Counselling is a talking therapy that involves a trained therapist listening to you and helping you find ways to deal with emotional issues.

Counselling can help you cope with a range of issues from depression or anxiety through to bereavement, relationships concerns or work related stress and low esteem. Overall it can help with anything that is bothering you or leading you to feel you could be happier and more fulfilled than you currently are.

Our service is led by Larry Watson, a former police officer, a vastly experienced counsellor, counselling tutor and supervisor at all levels of counselling. Here is a snapshot of how Larry works …..

Walk and Talk Therapy on the hills of Surrey

Whilst some clients like the one-one concept within a contained environment of an online setting others appreciate the wide open spaces and lack of containment combined with the physical stimulation of the exercise.

Clients and I go out in all elements (brollies provided but please bring wellies) which in and of itself can introduce the element of change just by facing the weather, hail or shine! In daylight or darkness (torches provided) again change, facing a different outlook, stars or clouds it matters not, it’s about change.

Change is constantly happening, yet we tend to be in denial, resisting or avoiding it, when did you last go splashing in puddles or watch a fox, a deer or a badger run up the track ahead of you? Many of us can feel depressed, overwhelmed, out of our depth, struggling, stressed, anxious, confused, lost without knowing where to turn or how to cope.

Being proactive, orchestrating our own change, taking charge, instigating our own change programme puts us back in charge, on track and is hugely empowering, giving us back our self-worth, sense of purpose and direction is cathartic!

Walking exercise and talking therapies are established through research as good for physical and mental wellbeing so why not combine the two and get a double benefit. You will be using physical activity to increase blood flow which in turn will increase blood flow to the brain, enhancing your thinking and reasoning powers.

And of course, being online in your own space and me in mine has huge benefits too – you choose which is more appealing to you.

Drop us an an email or give Larry a call on his mobile on 07771 703184 or you can connect with him through his LinkedIn account 

Client Feedback

Feedback comments from walking and talking with clients has always been positive,

“I really enjoyed getting out, getting away from it all, even just stretching my legs, the wind in my hair, the sense of space to breath and relax, unwind, let it all go. Amazing, I feel so much better, thanks, would never have thought of it!”

Transparent Pricing

We charge £70 per hour for our counselling services.


What People Are Saying

“Angela has just assisted me and I cannot recommend her and services enough.”


“Amazing ability to help people see the positive side, to help them see that they have power. Nice balance between professional and friendly. She is modern, but polite. She is a breath of fresh air, I would recommend her in a heartbeat”


“I can highly recommend Angela. Having left the police some 4yrs ago I still use the model and framework Angela organised for me. Highlighting transferable skills is paramount to set you aside from the “also rans””


“Angela was recommended to me by a colleague and I am so glad that I engaged her services. She is a ‘do-er’ – helping me distil and then translate my extensive and varied skill set gained from 30 years in the same public sector organisation so I was ready to launch myself onto the job market! She boosted my confidence and was instrumental in my securing a top job in another large organisation.
She continues to support me by offering wise counsel and suggesting strategies for dealing not only with a new and very different culture to the one I was used to but the challenges of entering a new organisation at a strategic level. She is particularly skilled at picking up on the key issues and helping me to approach them from a different direction and way of thinking.
I have had no hesitation in recommending Angela to friends and colleagues approaching retirement but also to those looking for a change of direction. I trust her judgment and thoroughly enjoy her company – she is worth her weight in diamonds!”

Carol Ann


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