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Police into Private Sector TeamAs you look around this site you might be wondering who we are, why should you listen to us or indeed consider trusting us?

First and foremost we have decades of experience we want to share with you to make your transition into the private sector as smooth and successful as possible.  We will never break confidentiality, whether that be verbally, in writing or by selling on your details. We honour the confidence our members share with us.

There are many other reasons you can feel confident to jump in;

  • We all have experience in policing issues, culture and preferred style having served either as police officers or police staff. We have gone on to become expert in our current field – business.
  • Several of us have walked the walk. Leaving the Police some ten years ago we have made the mistakes, and learnt from them, so now you don’t have to!
  • Our commitment is to provide real meaningful service to our members and always hold in mind that if we had found a group like this when we set out we would be richer today.
  • We work tirelessly to bring current trends and new thinking to our members. If we do not know the answer immediately we work tirelessly until we find the person that does.
  • We consider ourselves to be your fast track. Yes you could teach yourself many of these skills over time – if you have time to spare.  Alternatively we can show you what it would take you years to notice the good from the bad and the ugly. Our members are hungry for success and we know they want to achieve that via the quickest route.
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