So as we reach the end of 2012, our second year, I am reflecting back on a busy year for PiPS and I wondered if I could I would wave a magic wand on behalf of our members, what would I hope for on their behalf?

Bizarrely perhaps, I do not think I would magic all of the current challenges gone.  Not least because I know that when our backs are figuratively against the wall,  we humans seem to do our very best work.

Yes, in these hard times many of us are being challenged to step out of familiar comfort zones and learn new skills that seem so alien.  But for those who tough it out and refuse to do anything other than learn and develop the rewards can be amazing.  For many, what can be achieved is way beyond what they once considered possible – that they are better than they could have hoped for and they find a new confidence and determination to achieve.

I would wish for the ability to ‘hold your nerve’.  things can, and will improve and in ways that perhaps are unexpected and unpredictable right now.  To hold steady and not panic; not to catastrophise and thus lessen the ability to think on your feet is one of the greatest achievements.  Often we transfer our real anxieties on to the mundane and the issues that really we cannot control or change.

On the LinkedIn group we havel reflected in the last month or two of the need for PiPS to always remain a conduit for looking forward and more importantly moving forward.  We all do get tempted to complain and note that policing is perhaps ‘going to hell in a hand basket’ but I am content that, now and again, that is a useful exercise and lets off steam.  But vigilance is needed from us all to ensure that it is momentary and is not deflecting from the important work of building new and exciting futures.  So I would hope if any of us find ourselves ruminating on what no longer can affect us we pull ourselves up and concentrate on the things we can influence.

I would hope for all members some reality thinking – along the lines of nothing is ever as good or as bad as you first think it is.

Why do I say this?

Well, one of my observations is that this group in particular – Warning; sweeping generalisation alert! –   swing from vastly over confident (everything will be great; I will be the exception to rule; other people just do not know how to get a job/ace an interview/write a brilliant CV) over to marked unrealistic under confidence (I will never work again; I have no skills; I have no talents; it is okay for everyone else) is to me, screamingly omnipresent.

Let’s look for some balance here for 2013 and beyond.

For some lack of confidence conversely makes them behave in a stridently over confident manner.  Perhaps because it is scary out here and they have had authority and responsibility and have proved their worth and so this all feels unfair and frustrating.  Yes, it is unfair but the majority of us are on the hard end of unfairness and frankly who said life would be fair?  So we must buck up and face that this is our new reality and determine not to be brought down by it.

Of course, some people are just daftly so full of confidence about everything they do – they just need to be left alone for life to help them to understand that their lesson must be learnt sooner or later.  Join me do, in tiptoeing away from these sorts.

Conversely it is all too easy to equally hide behind the belief that you, little you, cannot achieve something in this harsh climate and so it might be easier to throw the towel in (yes, I see you there behind the sofa).  So for you, take a deep breath and a good dose of resolve.  You can do so more than you can possibility imagine.  Think big and then a little bigger again.

So I am looking for balance in 2013.  I would hope for you to find realistic confidence about your skills and abilities.  Bearing in mind that some reflection of what we are poor at is useful because it lets us focus on the things we are good at., so a good dose of that too.

Yes, backs may be against the wall but equally perhaps the best for you has yet to come?

No one needs to be alone in this.  You have mutual support in each other, you have us here at your disposal should you be brave enough to accept that no one can, or indeed should, do everything themselves. 

Everyone needs and deserves support and help to find direction from time to time.  It is what we know in and out so use this service with hesitating wondering if we really can help; only one way to find out!

Following Pareto’s rule there will be 20% reading this that really will make use of it – 80% will just keep hoping for a miracle.  Be part of the 20% and take action in 2013 – only good things can come of it.

We have lots planned for 2013 and, we too, intend to make it our best year yet.  Do join the fray!


Angela x